Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chestnut Square

Thanks to local journalist and blogger William Williams for noting some recent improvements in the Wedgewood Houston neighborhood as well as the potential that exists for the industrial area on the North side of the neighborhood that includes May Hosiery Mill and Houston Station (and the SNAP Center!).

When the Civic Design Center conducted their study of WeHo a few years ago, they included a vision for that area that they called Chestnut Square. You can read the whole thing here, the Chestnut Square part is on page 22. But here are the basic concepts:
  • Design of a plaza incorporating public art, outdoor dining, and open space
  • Infill vacant sites with buildings positioned to define the plaza and zoned to encourage uses to activate it
  • Adapt existing buildings to accommodate art gallery space, restaurants, and entertainment venues
  • Improve the streetscape by installing trees along one side of Chestnut, designating outside travel lanes on both sides as onstreet parking, and adding crosswalks for safer pedestrian access to the plaza
With the continued renovation of Houston Station, the popularity of Gabby's and the existence of area staples such as United Records Pressing and Ovvio Arte, this area definitely has the potential to become a very cool artisan district, if not already so. 

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