Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Browns Creek Clean-up Update

We had a really great turnout for SNAP's annual Browns Creek clean-up.  

 It amazes me how much stuff we pull out of there every year. This year we focused on the section that runs through the fairgrounds.

Last night there was yet another planning meeting for the fairgrounds. While I do find the endless amount of meetings and studies tiring, I always walk away feeling confident that we are one step closer to restoring Browns Creek so that the surrounding community (and visitors) can enjoy it. Hopeful, I know, but I'm holding on to my ideals.

See the rest of the pics over at SNAP's Facebook page.


  1. Cool deal!

    Do you guys clean the same sections over and over or different sections? Kind of amazed at how much stuff people throw in like that!

    1. Last year we did a section on the other side of Nolensville Pike, behind where the trailer park used to be, that got wiped out by the flood. It's crazy how much stuff we find every year.