Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You forgot your recliner...

Litter seems to be a part of life on my street. I contribute attribute that to it's frequent use as a through street for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Needless to say, while it is kind of annoying, I don't get too frustrated by having to pick up the occasional McDonald's bag in my yard.

However, there is one spot, a stone's throw from my house, that just seems to be prime real estate for slackers who don't care to haul their unwanted furniture to the dump.

It took me staring at one pile for several months and saying to myself, "I wish someone would take care of that," before I realized that I could take care of that (this is not unique, I often take a little longer than most to comprehend certain things). All I had to do was lift a finger... and dial Public Works to report the address and type of material that was dumped (in this case, an old couch and other miscellaneous furniture).

A couple of weeks later, the stuff disappeared. Like magic (albeit, a slow magic). This was a few months ago.

And of course, on my way to Browns Creek yesterday, I notice that a new pile is slowly growing at the same spot. So I just got off the phone with Public Works again.

All that to say, I know this situation is not unique to my street. So I wanted to alert those like me who may not have realized how easy it is to report unwelcome piles of trash in your area. The number for Public Works is 615.862.8750. Click here to visit their website. Your pile won't disappear overnight, they send an inspector over to check it out before they send their truck.

By making the call, you can be proud to have contributed to the beautification of your neighborhood. Boo-Ya!


  1. It's not just your neighborhood. Yes the most wonderful part of my day is the time I spend pulling fast-food restaurant trash out of my hedge every morning.

    Y'know, just cuz people want to treat their bodies like toxic waste dumps by eating this garbage doesn't mean they have to treat the surrounding neighborhood like a trash dump, too.

  2. I know, right? I do get grossed out at having to pick up open ketchup packets. Yech.

  3. I've been walking around the neighborhood a lot lately, have been pondering a "south nash trash" project of collecting all the trash I pass for a week, month, or some such and making some sort of display of it...