Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Pay-Off

I had a bit of a Debbie-Downer moment yesterday when thinking about the whole fairgrounds issue, and the promised 40-acre park that is stalled for who knows how long. But after driving through Wedgewood-Houston and seeing all of the progress on several projects in the making, I feel much better. Excited even!

Several years ago, Wedgewood-Houston was granted a Community Development Block Grant through HUD and MDHA. So a Citizens Advisory Committee was formed to determine how the funds would be used. In 2009, I and a couple others were asked to join the CAC as they had lost a few members and didn't have a quorum. So I did. It had already been determined that most of the funds would be going towards the renovation of the SNAP Community Center, with the rest going to a new playground for Fall-Hamilton Elementary, fancy crosswalks, neighborhood pedestals and signs and nice new street signs.

So you'd think by the time I joined up, there'd be little left to decide. I'll actually spare you the details because the meetings were about as long and tedious and frustrating as this post could become if I were to go into it. All that to say, it seemed to take forever for any tangible results to come to fruition.

Which is why I am so grateful to drive through the neighborhood today and see things like this.

SNAP Community Center almost done.
And this.

And this (it will eventually say "Wedgewood-Houston")

The pay-off. It feels good. If you have some recent improvements in your neighborhood, try to remember to thank your neighborhood leaders. They probably sat through a lot of boring meetings to make sure it happened.

Side Note: Speaking of SNAP, we are having a community meeting on Monday. Mary Crimmins will be there to answer all of your Woodbine/12th South Farmers Market questions. And there is talk of ice cream. ICE CREAM! Click here for more details.

Side Note to my Side Note: Speaking of 12th South Farmers Market, if you happen to be there today, make sure you wave at the band. I'll be singing with Roy Ira from 4:30-6.


  1. Yay! The building looks great, but I'm more excited that you solved the mystery of the stone structure. I walk past those every day on my way to and from the work shuttle, and have been wondering what they were!

  2. Ha! Yeah, they look a little strange right now. I'm curious to see what the lettering will look like and how the contractor will manage to get "Wedgewood-Houston" to fit in that tiny little square.

  3. Maybe they'll just use "We-Ho." :-)

  4. Husband had to work late, we didn't get to the farmer's market until after 6. Sorry we missed your gig! It was a perfect evening for the 12 South Market, wasn't it?