Tuesday, May 17, 2011

South Nashville News Round-Up

It's my birthday week, and while I'm not sure I'm all that excited about inching closer to 30 (although I do hear your 30's are way better than your 20's), I do have a lot going on this week. The Flaming Lips, a new tattoo and several dinner parties are all on the books so that means my posts will likely be short and sweet. So here we go:

  • Oh my: A man died in a fire at an ammo store on Nolensville Pike yesterday. The store is actually just South of the K&S Market that I reviewed yesterday. They haven't identified the body yet and are investigating the cause of the fire.
  • More about our rain gardens: Nancy DeVille at the Tennessean wrote up a nice little story about our pairing with the Cumberland River Compact to plant rain gardens all over Wedgewood-Houston. Is it alright if I quote my quote? You should just go read it. Because it's my birthday week.
And finally:
  • Did you expect us to just lay back and take it?: Cue the mean internet people who like to make ridiculous assumptions about my friends. A group of neighbors of the Tennessee State Fairgrounds have engaged with a lawyer* to hold accountable the petition to add a referendum to the ballot that, if passed, would make it more difficult to do anything with the fairgrounds property other than maintain the status quo. You can read more about it here, here and here. And if you haven't already, you should really spend a few minutes perusing the Neighbors for Progress website. Because it's my birthday week.
*Despite what the headline of one of the articles insinuates, Neighbors for Progress has no money to "hire" a lawyer. The law firm, Barrett Johnston, LLC, has been gracious to take an interest in our case and is offering their services at no cost.


  1. Yeah, but we know who does have the money and connections: Darrel Waltrip, Sterling Martin and Mike Curb. I wish NFP had the kind of financial backing that the opposition has. Only Mr. Curb lives in Nashville, and nowhere near the Fairgrounds or track at that.

  2. Happy Birthday Week!!! It's hard to believe but I actually have clothing older than you. Anyway, the fact that these moneyed individuals who could live anywhere choose not to live in our community and to only come here to dump their noise and annoyance on us because we are largely poor and minorities so it's their right has been well described. The thought that we can and should just sit back and accept it has been greatly mistaken.